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How are we able to provide Home Energy Efficiency Improvements through utility sponsored programs in Texas?
The Public Utilities Commission requires utilities to administer energy savings programs, which are implemented through retail electric providers and energy efficiency service providers such as e3 Solutions. The incentives we receive from your local utility provider allow us to offer the Home Energy Efficiency Improvements to you. The improvements includes testing and corrective action to reduce air loss in your home and HVAC system. Corrective action includes duct sealing, weather stripping, caulking, and much more. Be sure to ask about additional incentives allowing us to add attic insulation and LED lighting in your home. For more information on incentive programs offered by your electric provider, visit texasefficiency.com. Your eligibility is not based on who you pay for your electric service, but who you call when your lights go out. All customers with electric heating in the Longview and Harlingen regions qualify at no cost due to incentives received by your utility company. Customers with gas heating will have the service provided at a greatly reduced price due to incentives offered by local electric companies.

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No Cost Home Energy Efficiency Improvements

Utility programs offer incentives to Participating Contractors such as e3 Solutions for installing energy efficiency measures that result in electricity and gas savings. Measures include sealing leaks in your ductwork and home, installing water saving devices, insulation, LED lighting and more. The incentive payments allow e3 Solutions to install all of the energy efficiency measures at no cost. For more information on incentive programs offered by your utility provider, visit energyefficiencyarkansas.org

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