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Properly insulated exterior walls in your house will not only increase comfort but also help you save on heating and cooling costs. For energy savings, you can add insulation to your walls in an existing house. If you're building a new house, you have many energy-efficient wall insulation options to consider. However, for adding insulation to existing finished walls, you might first consider using loose-fill or sprayed foam insulation. These two types of insulation can be added without much disturbance to finished areas of your home.

If you've learned that your wall cavities are poorly insulated, or uninsulated, this is a great opportunity to blow insulation into this empty space. People are often reluctant to tackle this job because it involves cutting small holes into their home’s exterior or interior walls, and the patched holes are sometimes noticeable. If you're planning on putting up new siding or the siding can be removed, the patches will be hidden. This step will save you more energy, and more heating and cooling dollars, than anything else you can do to your walls. You'll need to hire a contractor to do this job and you can choose either loose-fill cellulose or fiberglass. Be sure to talk about the finished R-value of the fill material. You want at least R-11 and you want to talk about their method for ensuring that the entire cavity is filled and remains filled. One such method is called the ‘dense-pack’ method. This method not only prevents settling within the cavity and reduces air leakage through the wall, but also offers a higher R-value than insulation blown in at lower densities.

Source: US Department of Energy

U.S. Department of Energy Recommended* Total R-Values for New Houses in Six Climate Zones - How Much Insulation Does My Home Need?

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* These recommendations are cost-effective levels of insulation based on the best available information on local fuel and materials costs and weather conditions. Consequently, the levels may differ from current local building codes. In addition, the apparent fragmentation of the recommendations is an artifact of these data and should not be considered absolute minimum requirements.

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