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Awesome people. Very friendly and knowledgeable!! I feel like the work they did to my home will definitely make a difference in comfort as well as the energy bill. Top notch!

Carl Harrod
Little Rock, AR

I wanted to take the time to say what a wonderful service you offer, what professional people you have working for you, and overall what a wonderful experience I had with you. Your crew was polite, friendly, efficient, and cleaned up after themselves as they went. I am so excited to see the results on my future utility bills. Thank you so much

Leona Nelson
Hot Springs, AR

Amazing job! Was so excited to hear they were able to help our home be more energy efficient for free! I seriously thought we would end up paying something. I know they did hundreds of dollars of work for free through the Entergy Program. As new homeowners, we had no idea what to do to help make our home more energy efficient. Very nice, professional and efficient! Everyone should do this! Can't wait to see how this will help our family save each month.

The Crawfords
Harrison, AR

I have had 8 rental units done by E3 and have been very pleased with the work and level of professionalism. My tenants have also seen this service as a great deal. Two crews have done work for me and both were outstanding. I highly recommend this service.

Maddy Toy

I have had 8 rental units done by E3 and have been very pleased with the work and level of professionalism. My tenants have also seen this service as a great deal. Two crews have done work for me and both were outstanding. I highly recommend this service.

Kirk McClelland
NW Arkansas

We had a wonderful experience with this company! Setting up an appointment was super easy and the crew showed up and did a great job of assessing our energy consumption and fixing our problem areas. The results they reported back in their assessment report were impressive and I'm excited to see the impact on our energy bills! I'm also appreciative of them finding problems in our air ducts and fixing those so our family isn't breathing in outside allergens and fiber glass from the insulation our attic...yikes!!

Elizabeth Prenger
NW Arkansas

These guys are awesome. This is a real thing y'all. They replaced electric sucking light bulbs with LEDs, resealed our attic duct work, replaced weather stripping around doors and who knows what else. Very polite and my favorite no messes left behind!!

Anita Minden
NW Arkansas

Very friendly folks who obviously take pride and enjoyment in the challenge of making homes more efficient and helping people save good money on their utility bills. It was actually really fascinating to learn about all the ways that our house was losing heat and cool air, and to see their solutions for capturing it. Highly recommend

Teresa Youngblood
NW Arkansas

I have had two of my homes done so far. The crew was right on schedule and did a fantastic job. They explained what they were going to do and answered all my questions without hesitation. They gave me a rundown on how they changed my homes into more energy efficient properties. I have one more home left to do and would only want e3 SOLUTIONS to handle it.

Roger Guidry
Lumberton, TX

Great work by Mike Laningham and crew. You were friendly, informative, and efficient (pun intended). Thanks especially for the work on the heater/ac, plus the light bulbs! Folks, this really is free!

Derek Van Lynn
Fayetteville, AR

These guys are amazing!!! My air leakage went from 43 to 9 percent with this service. I received 2 new ecobee3 thermostats, new weather stripping on my doors, window sealing, energy efficient light bulbs, an eco-friendly power strip, and vent sealing on all of my a/c registers. Jason was very informative, constantly taking the opportunity to educate. Jason and his assistant were also very respectful and professional. I can't believe this service was free!

Kimberly Hines
Little Rock, AR

I am so impressed with the work that Matt, crew leader, and his associates, Zach and Trey did on our house today. They were very professional and even cleaned up what little mess was made. The work they did was excellent. They took their time and examined every possible leak and then fixed them. They sealed leaks under the house, plumbing, doors, and inside vents. Again I was impressed with their professional attitude and their workmanship. They took their time and made sure the job was done right. And best of all it was free. That doesn't happen very often and I appreciate swepco and black hills energy companies for this program. I will share this program with my neighbors.

Nick Tschepikow
Fayetteville, AR

Absolutely awesome company. We had heard about the program through Entergy where they send these guys out to our house for free to check our entire house and fix any thing that may be drawing too much energy. We didn't believe it at first, but so glad we decided to give it a try. These guys are very thorough and have been working hard for the past couple hours checking every possible source of wasteful energy. They have worked on our air ducts, window seals, door seals, even changed light bulbs (up to 6) with more energy efficient bulbs. I highly recommend getting an appointment and having these guys come out and help reduce your Entergy bill. The service is completely free because it's part of a program Entergy has to help its customers reduce their bills. There is absolutely no cost because you are entitled to this service just by being an Entergy customer. They are really nice and do an excellent job. I look forward to seeing my Entergy bill drop to a lower amount:)

Elizabeth Womack
Harrison, AR

Came and ran free tests to see how much energy we were losing due to leaks and sealed all of our ducts. It was very quick and I'm looking forward to seeing the difference in our energy bills. I would recommend them. They were very friendly and professional.

Holly Borstad
Killeen, TX

Mike and his crew came in and turned my house into negative compression to see how drafty the house is, turns out it wasn't bad but made it 50% better, so now it's very near perfect!! They were very professional, friendly, and worked the whole time they were here! They gave us energy efficient light bulbs, gave us new weather stripping around the doors, new energy efficient power strips, and went in the attic and fixed the AC / heating vent system of leaks! We couldn't be happier with the service we got with Mike and would recommend e3 Solutions to anyone!

Christine Whitney
Fayetteville, AR

This is a program that helps people winterize their homes. No cost to the homeowner and it's REAL because they did mine. They weather sealed and caulked and grouted and my house went from a 69% leakage of air to 7%. And my house is very very old. Y'all need to check into this program and see if you qualify my bills are down 50% and believe me that helps. Great crew that does the work. Nice. Polite and very helpful. Did everything possible to get my house sealed up. I even got free insulation in my attic. It's not just arkansas either. So look into this. It's worth the time and effort

Reba Price
Pea Ridge, AR

If you can get this done, do it! Didn't cost me a dime and has cut my electric and gas bills almost in half. Not bad for a 30 year old house.

Steven Allee
Rogers, Arkansas

We had this done back in January. It didn't cost us any money and I almost couldn't believe the immediate drop in our electric bill. It literally cut it in half which was really surprising because our house is only 12 years old. I highly recommend this.

Paul Vilhelm
NW Arkansas

Your crew just did a fantastic job at my house. I�ll be happy to recommend Matt and E3 in the future. I�m very happy with the work that they did.

Chase Harding
Springdale, Arkansas

Omg I don't even know where to start or how to say thank you !!!!! I should have made time for this months ago when I first called you!!!!! I was having serious problems with what I thought was my A/C. Horse would not cool and unit ran 24/7. It never stopped.... Well today those problems are all gone!!!! Yippee!!!!

Lorrie Crook
Springdale, AR

The quality of work by the e3 technicians was outstanding. They showed us exactly what they did and why. The reduction of heat loss was wonderful, and we are so much warmer. We are looking foreward to our 1st bill from the utilitiy company since the work was done. Their was no charge for this wonderful service. Thanks so much for your help.

Mary Lorey and Betty Gephart.
Springdale, Arkansas

We are happy with the service received. We are saving money. Very professional and courteous crew.

Juan Alaniz
Pleasanton, Texas

I have seen a difference in my electric bills.

Martha Castaneda
Dallas, Texas

I have seen a huge difference. My utility bills are almost half of what they used to be. I would absolutely recommend your service.

Gerard Berlanga
Dallas, Texas

Great service! Bills have gone down, much less than before. Absolutely would recommend to others.

Jeremy Joersz
Dallas, Texas

I have seen a change in my monthly bill. Noticed change in comfort level as well.

Maria Delgado
Dallas, Texas

Excellent service! Professional and courteous workers. Bills have gone down.

Hayden Kirkpatrick
Whitehouse, Texas

Professional crew who answered all of my questions. I have seen a difference in my monthly electric bills and have felt a difference in the comfort level of my home.

Gloria Hernandez
Dallas, Texas

Service is incredible! I have recommended people to e3 Solutions.

Kyle Shortall
Dallas, Texas

Good service. I referred my nephew to e3 Solutions.

Narcisco Alviso
Dallas, Texas

Very satisfied. I have recommended e3 Solutions to several other people.

Nathan Foreman
Tyler, Texas

I have absolutely noticed a change in my electric bill

Vicky Moore
Richardson, Texas

I am very pleased with everything and my monthly bills have changed dramatically.

Lupe Ramirez
Grand Prairie, Texas

Very interesting to see how it was all done. My bills have lowered dramatically.

Martin Clark,
Marshall, Texas

So much warmer! The best part was opening up my electric bill the next month and seeing a difference of over $80.00! I highly recommend their services, especially in this troubled economic time.

Teresa Wells
Jourdanton, Texas

Surprisingly, I noticed an immediate difference in our very next electric bill. We are very pleased.

-Lynn Deal
Whitehouse, Texas

We have noticed a big difference in our utility bill and was very pleased with the result.

-Anita Lewis
Hideaway, Texas

We noticed an improvement in the efficiency of our home.

-Edie Heinicke
Longview, Texas


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