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8 Tips for Saving Energy this Holiday Season

energy saving

Finding extra ways to save on home-energy expenses can be exhausting, and confusing not knowing where to start. Our gift to you this holiday season is telling you exactly what you need to know to save energy and money this Christmas.

Bring the sun inside!

Keep your curtains and shades drawn during the day but close them at night to prevent drafts from chilly windows.

Make your home merry and bright with LED Christmas lights.

LED lights are low-cost and consume 90% less electricity than traditional Christmas lights. This goes for the tree too! Rather than adding more lights, try alternatives such as, tinsel, crystal ornaments, and reflective decor to add more shine.

When the party starts, turn the thermostat down.

Reduce the heat at holiday parties since cooking and having a few extra friends raises the temperature in your home. Did you know that for every degree that you lower your thermostat, it may reduce your energy use by 1-3 percent? If you are entertaining and having more than a few friends over, kick your thermostat down to 65-67 degrees for a more comfortable party and more energy savings.

Set a timer for your lights.

When it gets dark, set the timer to turn them on, then turn them off at bedtime. Lights and electronics use excess energy when plugged in directly to the wall. Make it easier on yourself and use a power strip. Plugging your lights into a power strip will help prevent energy leakage. AND it’s easier to turn all your lights on and off at once. Try to keep your Christmas lights on for no more than 6-8 hours each day!

Weatherproof your fireplace.

Cozy up around the fireplace and use less energy elsewhere in your home. To effectively insulate the house, utilize chimney balloons, caps, or dampers. This will help your furnace easily heat your home later. To maintain your furnace each season, start the heating season with a new furnace filter and clean it or replace it every month.

Light up the grill!

Consider grilling some of your main entrees to save money on electricity compared to cooking everything in the oven. If you decide to skip the grilling, save your oven for large cooking tasks, and consider using the microwave or toaster oven for smaller activities like melting chocolate for dipping and warming up leftovers. Energy use in your kitchen has the potential to be cut by 50% when following these tips.

Give the gift of energy efficiency.

Get your loved ones an upgraded, energy efficient version of their favorite appliance. Energy Star certified products use up to 60 percent less electricity than non-certified electronics.

Keep a well-stocked refrigerator and freezer.

A full refrigerator or freezer saves energy by reducing the recovery time when the door is opened.

You are already spending money on everything else this holiday season, why not try to save as much as you can in home energy? If you want to avoid the post-holiday shock of an outrageous energy bill, follow these tips to keep your home energy consumption to a minimum.

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