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Is Mold in Your Crawl Space Dangerous?

Out of sight, out of mind… right?

Mold in the crawl space of your house might seem like a minor problem, however, it can become serious and lead to health issues. In addition to causing sickness, mold weakens the structures of your home, decreasing the overall value, and is very costly to clean up!

How does mold growth start?

Mold originates from a potential moisture problem in your home. Rain, humidity, and leaks from hot water heaters and air conditioners in your attic can lead to mold.

If your crawl space is not correctly sealed, humidity and leakage can cause an excessive amount of moisture to build up. Materials such as wood, newspaper, and low-quality insulation, plus the moisture in the air will not only attract mold particles but is the perfect environment for mold to grow.

Can mold make me sick?

Yes and no! It depends on the individual and how sensitive they are to mold. Common symptoms of exposure include, but are not limited to:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Itchy/watery eyes
  • Stuffy nose
  • Chest tightness

Anyone that has asthma or other respiratory issues is susceptible to having a worse reaction than the symptoms listed above.

How to Keep Mold Out of Your Crawl Space

  1. Schedule an appointment for a professional to inspect the crawl space.
  2. After a professional assessment of moisture conditions, take the steps to fix any water leaks and to limiting the amount of condensation that can reach the area.

Making sure your crawl space is clean, dry, and fully repaired will not only keep your family healthy but will save home energy and lower the cost of your electric bill!


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