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6 Back-To-School Energy Saving Tips

With summer coming to an end and school right around the corner, spending will be at an all-time high! From last-minute summer vacations to back-to-school shopping, there are other ways you can save more! As you transition back into the school year, here are some helpful back-to-school energy-saving tips!


Adjust your thermostat.

Without any warm bodies in the house for hours on end, there’s no need for you to blast the A/C constantly, even if it is still warm. Turn up your A/C a few degrees while you are not home. With each degree you raise, you can save between 4-8% on your cooling costs.


Use your refrigerator wisely.

If you make your child’s lunch, you might open and close the refrigerator more often. To save energy, make sure to take all the supplies out beforehand, and put them all back at the same time. You can access all the ingredients much easier and get your child out the door quicker!


Unplug your kids’ gadgets.

Chances are, your kids won’t be on their gadgets or technology while in school, and devices that typically stay home during the day don’t need to be plugged in. If technology goes unused all day, ensure it’s unplugged and powered off.


Keep busy after school.

Bored kids around the house typically make them resort to electronics to pass the time. Encouraging after-school activities (typically out of the house) lets your kids and your energy usage have a break! Peak energy demand is in the evening, so electricity costs will be at their highest. Keeping the kids in activities that require them out of the house and not using your energy will save you money on your electric bill!


Buy EnergyStar products.

Back-to-school often encourages the purchase of printers, laptops, etc. Consider using EnergyStar products when looking for new appliances for the school year. These products are built for energy efficiency and use 65% less energy than other standard appliances. By using EnergyStar products, you don’t have to waste as much energy and get the same quality as you would any other appliance.


Take advantage of summer sales.

As summer is at its peak, many stores have sales on pants, jackets, and any winter clothing/products. As the temperature drops, the thermostat rises. Make sure to stock up on cold gear! Encourage your family members to dress more warmly as the seasons change.


While technology and electronics are beneficial in today’s world, keeping your energy usage and bill low is also important. After using these tips and your energy bill is more than you would like, call us for a FREE home energy audit! E3 Solutions provides no-cost energy solutions that will find your energy loss. Click here to see if your home qualifies!

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