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Stop Air Leaks In Your Home

Cooler weather is upon us! With it comes the pesky drafts as you walk past your doors or windows. Those drafts are indications that your home is leaking internal air, which causes your heating system to work overtime. More heat equals a higher electric bill!  

There are simple ways to fix any leaks in your home, and it is our job to do so during our no cost to you, the Arkansas homeowner, energy audit.  

E3 Solutions utilizes the Arkansas Home Energy Solutions  program to assess and repair any energy issues within your home, should you need them.  

Closing those leaks is just one of the services we provide.  


We know that most of the leaks come from cracks and gaps around baseboards, trim, or similar small openings.  Cracks and gaps around doors or window frames are primary points of air leakage within the home due to settling and shifting over time. Caulking can be an effective way to seal these gaps and can last for years after repair. We use multiple types of caulks to seal your home. Latex-based caulk is mostly used inside the home due to its ability to be painted over. Silicone-based caulk is geared towards windows and any surface that interacts with moisture or outdoor elements due to its weatherproofing capabilities.  


If exterior doors or windows are creating a draft in your home, we add weatherstripping to block the air from entering or escaping. In the cooler months, weatherstripping helps retain the heat within the home; in the warmer months, it can save the air-conditioning from escaping your home. There are several types of weatherstripping available, such as tapes, v-strips, gaskets, sweeps, and more. Depending on where you live and what kind of door or window you are trying to seal depends on the type of weatherstripping that will be the most durable and long-lasting for your home. We know what you need and will provide it during your audit appointment.

Count on us to see where air may be escaping your home. They can be difficult to find but we are the trusted and experienced team that can end those air leaks for you. While in your home we will also look at your HVAC system, insulation, plumbing and so much more! Our goal is to seal your home so that your energu costs decrease. 

Call us today at 479-313-4747 to see if you qualify for our free energy audit! 

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