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Spring Clean To Maximize Your Savings

Spring is finally here! With warm weather moving in, this is the perfect time to refresh your home and get rid of clutter. As we start organizing our belongings and setting aside items, dust and dirt will likely show themselves. That is when the spring cleaning finally begins! But is energy efficiency a part of your cleaning plans?

There is a number of small changes during your cleaning process that can help you save money and energy. Here are some tips to help you save energy while cleaning.

Clean or replace air filters.

Dirty filters reduce airflow through the HVAC system. It requires more force to move air through the blower requiring the air conditioning system to run longer and harder. Make sure to change your filters to improve airflow and energy efficiency.

Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs.

While you are up high cleaning those light fixtures, ensure you are using energy-efficient light bulbs such as LED. This will help cut your electric bill as it reduces energy consumption.

Utilize natural light.

As you are washing your windows and screens, it should make your home a whole lot brighter. This allows more daylight in the home, reducing the need for artificial light. Clean screens also allow fresh air in the home recycling the home’s interior air.

Seal cracks and gaps.

Winter weather can be harsh on a home and cause damage. As you are cleaning around your home, check for air leaks. You can install weather stripping around doors and windows to ensure the upcoming warm air stays out.

Unplug unused electronics.

When you are categorizing your items that are no longer in use, consider some of your electronics. Electronics often use standby power consumption when not in use. Find which ones you use daily and donate the others. Your bill will thank you for it!

Donate or recycle old appliances.

Older home appliances are not as energy efficient as current models. As you are cleaning your way through your home, consider if your appliances need an upgrade. If not, give them a good clean down to make sure they are running efficiently and improve their lifespan.

Spring cleaning includes both the look of your home and the inner-workings. It is important not to neglect what makes your home run efficiently!

If you are still unsure if your home is energy efficient, calling a professional to perform a home energy audit will help find those problem areas to find you the best solution. E3 Solutions provides no-cost energy audit services that will find your energy loss.

Give us a call today to see if your home qualifies!

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